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The Gran Turismo video racing simulator franchise is four years into its tie-up with Nissan that created Gran Turismo: The Academy. One might have thought taking third-in-class at the 24 Hours of Dubai would have been enough, but no, there's more, and it's called Gran Turismo 5: GT Academy Edition.

When it arrives on September 26, the shiny disc inside will contain the packs available for the last two years: Car Packs 1, 2 and 3, Course Packs 1 and 2, the Special Paint Pack and Racing Gear Pack, and the very same Nissan GT-R that Kazunor Yamauch drove in the Nürburgring 24-Hour race this year. Well, not that one, but a digital representation of it.

According to Playstation's EU people, it will cost the equivalent of €29.99, which is about $37 at current conversion rates. You have two months to save up and a video below to keep you in the mood until then.

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