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Lexus shows off LS reveal video, reminds us how strange debut events can be

Lexus has revealed more of the 2013 LS through a video 'news broadcast' of its unveiling ceremony. Through the party footage, we are able to seem more angles of the Japanese automaker's spindle-grilled flagship, which shares quite a lot visually with the slightly smaller GS. The Lexus shindig also has its own on-air correspondent, Jeff Krapf, to guide video watchers through the San Francisco event. Prior to the debut, Krapf recorded a canned interview with Lexus Global Marketing Chief, Mark Templin, which is here,too.

Things get weird (at least for a vehicle debut) when Lexus brings in designer power couple Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler to direct an art exhibit, highlighted by photographers displaying photos of what they feel 'attraction' is.

Perhaps more interesting is a second trailer-like video that has Lexus reflecting on the history of the LS range, including the model's many range of industry firsts.

Click here to watch both videos.

Lexus LS 460 Information

Lexus LS 460

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