dealers in South Africa put Dog The Bounty Hunter to shame – they've got support from Airwolf.

According to IOL Motoring, when a dealer's attempts to get back a BMW 325 loaner car were rebuffed by a customer, Ravindra Jainarain, the dealer took matters into his own hands. He hired an armed team of professional repo men complete with helicopter backup. The group stormed the customer's place of work in Durban, South Africa, guns drawn, demanding he surrender the keys to the loaner car as a Netstar helicopter hovered overhead.

The man quickly handed over the keys and then called his lawyer.

A judge ruled almost as quickly that the dealer had to give the car back to the customer, who was waiting to hear if his 320d would be replaced (as requested) or fixed because of inoperable air conditioning. (He was appealing the first decision.) Both sides now have another 30 days to prepare their cases for court.

In the meantime, Airwolf will remain grounded.

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