Chris Harris has gotten his hands on the BAC Mono on a closed track. With 280 horsepower and a curb weight of just 1,190 pounds, the machine may very well be the king of the open-wheel, street-legal hooligans.

With the track wet enough to boast plenty of standing water, Harris gets a notion for just how controllable the Mono can be. The rest of us get to soak up plenty of shots of him sticking the tail out four our enjoyment. With the machine's gorgeous carbon fiber body work, exposed piston suspension geometry and angry vertical projector lenses ensure it won't be missed on public roads, either.

Harris isn't one for hyperbole, which makes his comments on the vehicle's dynamics all the more interesting. He says the BAC Mono is the best car he's ever driven in the wet. It certainly looks that way. You can check out the full clip below to see his impressions for yourself. Just be warned: he audio quality takes a dip when he mics up under his helmet.

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