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Jay Leno owns all kinds of cars: Steam powered, 100-year-old electric and modern-day supercars. His legendary garage is teeming with millions of dollars of iron.

But his dream car has always been the 1963 1/2 Ford Falcon Sprint. So when he saw exactly the car on BringATrailer.com, he plunked down the $26,000 for the mint condition, seriously modified Falcon and sent a trailer.

This Falcon Sprint is built out exactly the way Leno says he would have built it. It has a 1965 289-cubic-inch small block under the hood with 360 horsepower and the battery in the trunk. It has a stiffened suspension, aftermarket wheels and a five-speed manual transmission (the original came with a four-speed). Leno, who says he regularly reads BaT, released a video on his website, Jay Leno's Garage, of his Falcon find, taking the Mustang precursor for a ride around Southern California.

Check out Jay's video below. We particularly like how he shamelessly hugs his new Ford, which is likely going to live a very good life from here on out.

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