It's not us.

That's what General Electric is saying after reports surfaced that some charging stations – namely, its GE WattStations – were causing the on-board charger in some Nissan Leafs to be damaged.

General Electric says it's a software issue specific to Nissan's electric car, as proven by the fact that no other types of electric vehicles suffered charger damage after using a WattStation. GE, which has created a web page laying out the facts related to this issue, also said Nissan was advising Leaf owners to avoid charging during times such as brownouts when power-delivery levels may plunge.

"Nissan and GE have completed their investigation into the instances of Nissan Leafs experiencing on-board charging (OBC) issues when using certain EV chargers," GE spokesman Sean Gannon said in a statement sent to AutoblogGreen. "Nissan has traced the root cause of the issue to the LEAFs OBC software that can allow damage to occur to its OBC components while using certain chargers and in certain instances, such as when a brief under voltage or blackout condition occurs."

Additionally, Gannon said, contrary to what had been reported, use of the WattStation does not void the warranty on the Nissan Leaf and the automaker never told dealers to avoid having the Leafs recharged with WattStations. Reports in mid-July said some Nissan dealerships were sending letters to Leaf drivers advising them not to use a WattStation for recharging.

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