Remember the days before GPS? When it was just you, the open road, and a Rand-McNally mapbook tucked beneath the seat? We certainly do, but with the advent of GPS and smartphones, using electronic devices for guidance has become second nature. And it has turned one of the great stereotypes of the sexes sideways.

According to a study conducted by the Australian Association for Motor Insurers, men use GPS navigation more than women. The AAMI claims that 64 percent of men use nav systems while only 50 percent of women rely on them.

Reuben Aitchison, AAMI Corporate Affairs Manager, pondered the old stereotype of men never asking for directions, "It was a point of honour, sometimes known as stubbornness."

The poll also asked what voices from which people would be most and least likely to take directions. The most popular voiced included Morgan Freeman, Stewie Griffin, and Christopher Walken. The least favorite? Batman, Ozzy Osborne and your significant other.

A quick look over to the Garmin site reveals that none of those voices are available, but you can get Erine & Bert, Wallace & Gromit, Yoda, and Darth Vader.

The significant other? That's a no-cost option.
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Battle of the sexes over: Men DO get help with directions

SatNat voice poll sees spouses/politicians unlikely to get drivers to use the GPS

The advent of the SatNav has seen a role reversal in one of life's great front seat "Battles of the
Sexes". New research from leading national car insurer, AAMI, reveals that it is now men who are seeking navigational advice rather than women. Nationally, 64% of males use a GPS device to find their way as opposed to only 50% of females*.

"In the past, the man was confident he could find his own way. It was a point of honour,
sometimes known as stubbornness. Their long-suffering wives and girlfriends, meanwhile, insisted on asking for directions, knowing full well it would have to happen eventually." said AAMI
Corporate Affairs Manager, Reuben Aitchison.

"Now the wonders of modern technology have turned this time-honoured tussle on its head and
brought peace to the front seat. At least as far as directions are concerned. And if spouses were looking for ways to maintain matrimonial harmony on the highway, in a separate poll, AAMI asked whose voice would be most likely to get you to use your GPS. Actors dominated the poll, with 'Morgan Freeman as God' securing 40% of the vote, followed by 'Your favourite actor/actress', Family Guy's Stewie Griffin and Alan Rickman. Surprisingly Darren Lockyer and Yoda also garnered strong support.

"While SatNavs are undoubtedly useful, especially for keeping the peace, they do come with an
element of risk," Mr Aitchison added.

"If you're using any kind of tech device while driving, you presumably have at least one hand off
the wheel and your eyes are off the road. Those few seconds you're distracted are all it takes for a tragedy to occur, "said Mr Aitchison.

"If you need to use a GPS, input the data before to you start your journey, and if you need to edit
the information en-route, pull over again. It is simply not worth taking the risk."

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