The marketing-obsessed folks over at Adweek have compiled a list of the most-watched advertisements on YouTube of all time. Six of those 20 ads are automotive-related, which should come as no surprise, considering the amount of money automakers pour into car ads.

Adweek did not factor in movie trailers, or banned international ads. Both would throw the curve of top ads, and the latter would certainly include a few car commercials. Most of these videos are less than three years old, highlighting the widespread accessibility to smartphones and streaming video.

It should come as a shock to no one that Kia's Dancing Hamsters are on the list. The breakdancing rodents have been busting moves since 2009, but it was their collaboration with LMFAO to crash a video game that got them onto this list.

Also on the list is Ken Block's Gymkhana, which we tend to forget is a DC Shoes commercial. While Adweek views it as merely an ad for this story's purposes, we know that Block's automotive acrobatics are far more than a shill for shoes.

Check out the collection of videos below to see which ads made the list, and which one was the most watched.
Chrysler: Born of Fire (15 million views)

Honda: Matthew's Day Off (16 million views)

Kia: Dancing Hamsters (18 million)

Acura: Transactions (18 million views)

DC Shoes: Ken Block's Gymkhana Five (24 million views)

Volkswagen: The Force (54 million views)

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