The CT 200h proved that Lexus could make up for the sins against excitement committed by the company's short-lived HS 250h. Its bold styling and greatly improved handling combined with a fuel-efficient drivetrain suggests a brighter future for the compact luxury hybrid segment.

Word is, though, that Lexus is working on a sub-CT hybrid entrant. According to Malaysian automotive outlet Paultan, the diminutive luxury fuel-sipper will be based on the Toyota Prius C. The website has tentatively dubbed the model AS150, but it is here where we must advise that you take some of the report's details with grains of salt in varying sizes. If history provides us with context, any Lexus hybrid would include an "h" in the name, for example.

More believable, though is the speculation that the powerplant would be a variation of the 1.5-liter Hybrid Synergy Drive module that powers the Prius C. Another alternative floated by Paultan is that an even smaller 1.2-liter turbocharged unit featuring direct injection could find its way into the subcompact's engine bay.

Toyota Prius c Information

Toyota Prius c

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