The internet wouldn't be the same without bad puns. Just ask Tanner Foust. The driver has fired up a new video series with his sponsor, Rockstar Energy Drink, under the banner, "Life in the Foust Lane." See what they did there? In addition to serving up a weekly ration of flat-brimmed hats, the show follows Foust through his day-to-day activities. What do those entail? The first episode documents his involvement with the Ford Octane Academy, including setup, team instruction and some practice driving.

The show also looks beyond Foust's main gigs. Like most of us, Tanner has a soft spot for rental cars and has become an aficionado of the re-entry dynamics of the Panther platform. You'll just have to watch the video posted below to see what we mean. Keep your eyes peeled for more episodes soon.

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