2013 Lexus LS 460 F Sport images flood the web

Lexus planned on waiting until July 30 to completely reveal the 2013 LS460 F Sport, but the Internet laughs at PR calendars. So Lexus' latest flagship has had its mug leaked three days in a row. (First here, then officially here, and don't forget earlier spy shots from a Korean website showing the car in the metal) Today's round of leaked images details every inch of hard-edged charm the updated big Lexus brings to the party.

We aren't sure what changes are in store for the interior, but since this is a refresh, expect revisions in detail as opposed to an overhaul. A keen-eyed member of the Club Lexus forum discovered one possible alteration: an immense nav screen of perhaps 12 or 14 inches. With just one day to go, perhaps that story will actually wait for tomorrow's official unveiling, along with the other LS trim levels.

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