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Long-wheelbase Range Rover in the works?

The current Land Rover Range Rover is equally capable of going up mountains, going down Munich's Maximilienstrasse and going across Kenya's Masaai Mara. The next Range Rover, which we've seen plenty of spy shots of, appears set to wade into territory completely new to it: a long-wheelbase version. A set of extra-lengthy rear doors have been spotted on one of the camouflaged prototypes navigating the English midlands, the expectation being that a longer Range Rover is being developed for markets like China that crave stretched models with ample leg room in the back seats.
The bigger back end will negate some of that 600-to-800-pound weight loss we've been hearing about for the next big Land Rover, but most Chinese and Middle Eastern buyers won't care. It isn't known if the extended version will come to the States, but a recent report in Automotive News suggests that if it did come, it could fit a third row of seats and become a challenger to the Mercedes GL, which is currently the best-sellling full-sized luxury utility here. And for those who'd like even more gumption than the current Range has, an article in Car says a higher-capacity V8 is being looked at "for power-crazed countries where fuel prices matter less."

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Land Rover Range Rover

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