Locking your keys in your car is never a fun experience. You have to call the auto club or tow service, wait for them to either bring you a new key or break into your car for you. It's something that happens to everyone at least once, and then you (try to) remember never to do it again.

A team of Kia engineers putting a Quoris luxury sedan prototype through its paces in the desert have just performed the lockout test – unintentionally. As you can see from these photos from the spy shooters at KGP Photography, once locked out of the car, the entire team went to work, trying to get back into the sedan by the most high-tech means possible: screwdriver, pry bar and wire hook.

According to our intrepid spy photographers, the engineers toiled with the locks of the future Korean flagship for some time before getting the car opened – and not without a bit of embarrassment.

If only the Quoris had some sort of telematics system like OnStar from General Motors or Blue Link from sister marque Hyundai, they could have just called in and had the doors unlocked remotely. Perhaps it'll be an option?

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