Few automakers' fortunes and CEOs are as intrinsically linked as Tesla Motors and Elon Musk. The boss of the full-electric automaker can influence the stock of his company with something as simple as an outlandish statement – exactly the sort of utterance the mercurial executive is fond of making. In the latest Musk news, it appears he has no plans to change any of that, saying that he will stay with Tesla for "several more years."

Investors want him to remain at the company through – and past – the launch of the Model S. To leave now would potentially derail any momentum that the company can muster from the all-electric sedan.

Perhaps the investors like the idea of having a lighting rod like Musk around for when questions about cutting production – or when the company will make money – are asked.

Part of his duties through the rest of his tenure at Tesla will also reportedly include personally inspecting production examples of the Model S. To find out exactly what that entails, we reached out to the automaker for comment. According to Tesla spokesperson Christina Ra, Musk checks "Everything from functionality, to fit and finish. Anything from door handles to carpet to molding, to driving... The things we are potentially having to work on are not big things – 98-percent of the car is ready to go."

Ra would not comment on exactly how many cars he checks at the Fremont, California facility, but tells us, "At a high level, he's looking at everything."

We're still not exactly sure what that means, but its always refreshing to see a CEO down in the trenches – even if it might just be a publicity stunt.

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Tesla Model S

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