Ecclestone may buy Nürburgring outright

Bernie Ecclestone was apparently quite serious when he said he would "do everything" to save the troubled Nürburgring. In fact, according to a new report from Bloomberg Businessweek, the megalomaniacal Formula One boss might just buy the track outright. That'd certainly be a quick answer to the 'Ring's financial troubles.

That said, Bloomberg reports that Ecclestone has no plans to organize a Formula One race on the Nürburgring at his own expense. Furthermore, Ecclestone has declined to comment on pricing or conditions for the alleged agreement.

The Nürburgring's severe debt crisis is hardly news – the legendary track has been going through hard times for a while now, despite efforts to boost revenue by building a roller coaster and shopping mall on the premises. The European Union has refused to bail out the ailing track, as well, specifically because it has bigger fish to fry at the moment (you know, like the declining economies of many of its countries).

A timetable for a potential sale of the Nürburgring to Ecclestone has not been disclosed.

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