UMB Financial Services has a long history of combining cars and banking, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that the bank is backing a Roush Yates-branded Visa Platinum Rewards credit card. Back in 1928, when it was called City Center Bank, what became UMB Financial Corporation introduced the drive-up window. Now, UMB CardPartner is offering a Roush Yates Visa with a headered-up V8 right there on the front.

It's a Visa Platinum card, and for every dollar you spend, you'll get a point. Spending your bucks at Roush Yates Performance Products? Then you get two points per dollar. Rack up 5000 points, which means you have to go five grand in the hole or drop $2500 at Roush Yates, and you get a $50 gift certificate to Roush Yates. It's better than no rewards if you're already swinging unsecured debt around like a dead cat.

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