The Detroit News reports Carroll Shelby will finally be buried some two months after his death. Two factions of the legendary designer's family have finally settled on what do with his remains.

One one side, Shelby's children claimed he wanted his remains cremated and divided between them and a plot in Texas. His surviving wife, Cleo Shelby, said the document detailing those wishes was a forgery, and that Carroll Shelby had actually signed different paperwork two years ago giving her control over his remains. The two parties lawyered up, but earlier this week said that they were close to reaching a settlement that would prevent a civil trial.

The agreement will see Shelby cremated and his ashes split five ways, with the final portion going to his wife. Shelby's oldest son, Michael, says he and his siblings aren't happy with the arrangement, but are eager to finally bury their father.

We just hope we die long before we're famous.

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