This election season, there is apparently one thing the elected officials on Capitol Hill can agree on: getting some plug-in vehicle chargers nearby. There are some plug-in vehicles drivers on the Hill, after all, and they want to fill up on electrons while at work, just like other EV drivers.

Last week, Committee on House Administration approved H.R. 1402, which would:

... authorize the Architect of the Capitol to establish battery recharging stations for privately owned vehicles in parking areas under the jurisdiction of the House of Representatives at no net cost to the Federal Government.

The Senate voted in May to approve its version of the bill (S.739) and H.R. 1402 could be voted on in the full House by the end of the month, says the EDTA. These stations will not be free, and the money collected will make sure that that line about "no net cost to the Federal Government" remains true. Learn more about H.R. 1402, introduced by Rep. Dale Kildee (D-MI), here from Open Congress.

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