So, you're a regular AutoblogGreen reader and think you can't learn much from an infographic called "Green Cars 101," right? Well, how about this little tidbit: in a compressed natural gas car, the fuel is "compressed to less than 1 percent of its volume." Or this: "A small solar energy system (1 to 2 kW) can provide 15,000 electric miles a year" to your plug-in car.

Those are just two of the pieces of information in the Green Cars 101 image from One Block Off The Grid. Most of the rest, admittedly, will be quite familiar to readers, but easy-to-understand information dumps like this are good to keep on hand to share with people who are just getting started in knowing their PHEVs from their BEVs.

See the full image below.

Home Solar Power Discounts - One Block Off the Grid

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