Sometimes finding a working, compatible EV charging station can be a challenge. Web and mobile maps full of outdated data have caused issues for EV owners looking to find a place to juice up on the go. We experienced firsthand the difficulties of old data in the charging infrastructure. (The charger we were told to go to didn't have a proper connector.)

PayPal, in partnership with GE, is attempting to solve these EV charging problems with their WattStation Connect mobile app. The goal is to make charging, billing, and locating WattStations easier for EV customers. "Simplicity and convenience are key to mass adoption of any new technology," says Scott Dunlap, PayPal's vice president for emerging opportunities.


With the WattStation Connect app, users can locate and pay for EV charging. The software allows drivers to to see if the charger is in use, what type of connector it has, what current and voltage it puts out, and most importantly, how much it costs to use. Once users get to the location, they simply plug in and scan the QR code on the GE WattStation, which will start charging the car (and the user's account).

While this is great news for GE WattStation users, we hope to see a more robust and nonproprietary network of charge station data based on price, availability and connector type from web mapping services in the future.

[Source: GE Reports]

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