Newly minted Caterham CEO Graham MacDonald has told WhatCar? that the firm is "plotting" the development of "a more upmarket" sports car, this time it would be one with a roof. In addition to protection overhead, MacDonald says the new two-seater will be more inviting, meaning occupants won't need to be hardcore nutters in order to enjoy it. He didn't give a timeline on its arrival, but said that Caterham would want to level this broader appeal to buyers in Asia and it could be designed for the U.S. market as well.

MacDonald said this car would "sit above" the current models that are all based on the Seven. We aren't sure what he means by "above," since the price he mentioned was £40,000 ($62,739 U.S.). That's a couple thousand pounds less than the Caterham 7 Superlight R500 and five thousand pounds less than the CSR260. Whatever it will be, from the way the report it phrased it sounds like a new Caterham is still a ways off, however.

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