To meet the needs of car buyers shopping online for vehicles, AOL Autos and CarWoo! have announced a partnership that enhances the car-buying experience for consumers. The partnership provides "Best Offer" deals from 10,000+ U.S. dealers and allows more buyers to quickly and easily negotiate great market prices on their chosen vehicle while retaining their privacy, before stepping into the showroom. AOL Autos provides original and unique content from industry experts, simple and effective shopping tools for new and used vehicles, and expert advice for vehicle ownership and repairs.

"Like AOL Autos, CarWoo! has the same philosophy of putting the customer's experience first. This new partnership will allow consumers to shop for cars online, anonymously communicate with top-rated dealers to find the perfect car, and negotiate a great price - it's a different and better way to shop for cars," said Chris Eschenburg, Vice President and General Manager, AOL Autos. "AOL Autos is the market leader in online auto shopping, and we only want the best solutions for our community."

"AOL Autos is respected for providing a great suite of resources to consumers as they shop for one of the biggest purchases they will ever make - their car," said Tommy McClung, CarWoo! CEO. "We know that CarWoo!'s service of helping people get the right car in the easiest, most efficient way is the right complement to the value AOL provides community members."

The announcement follows the recent launch of "ChooseControl," the online search tool that helps consumers find the perfect car for their lifestyle. ChooseControl allows a potential car buyer to search for automobiles based on the largest range of social demographics currently available.

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