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In the hyperbolic political atmosphere of America today, left-leaning liberals are seen as tofu-eating, Toyota Prius-driving communists, while right-leaning conservatives are depicted as gun-toting, pickup-driving patriots. Thankfully, the real world is a lot more diverse than those caricatures.

Take George Shultz, for example. He served as both Labor and Treasury secretary for Richard Nixon and went on to become Secretary of State for the majority of Ronald Reagan's two terms. Pretty solid conservative bona fides, we think.

And yet, he drives an electric car. A Nissan Leaf to be precise. On top of that, he generates his own electricity with a tidy little solar array. (No word on whether he wears sandals, but we suspect not. At least, not when anyone's looking.)

Now, one might imagine his motivation for choosing clean energy and transportation has something to do with a strong dislike of mid-east oil. They would be correct. "I'm driving on sunshine. Take that, Ahmadinejad!", he states in the video we have waiting for you below.

However, he is also concerned about the disastrous environmental effects our fossil fuel habit is causing. He supports a (gasp!) carbon tax as a way to combat the problem and his car and solar panels are his way of walking the talk. You can hear more of that talk by scrolling below to that aforementioned video. For a more in-depth look at his take on energy, check out this interview over at the Stanford University website.

Nissan LEAF Information

Nissan LEAF

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