Last week, the Center for Auto Safety called on Ford to recall about 470,000 Escape utility vehicles to fix an "unintended acceleration" problem they say was caused by a previous recall repair program.

Now the CAS wants the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to include 85,000 platform-sharing 2002-2004 Mazda Tribute models that could have the same issue.

CAS says that under the 2005 recall program, the Tributes and Escapes may have suffered damage to cruise control cables that could lead to the vehicles speeding up without driver input. In a statement, Mazda said, "As always, we will cooperate fully with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in any investigation."

The CAS previously said in the initial recall, Ford had sent dealers modified repair instructions that warned of possible damage to cruise control cables. CAS, however, says Mazda did not change its instructions and that "there is no reason to believe Mazda dealers would be any better at avoiding damage to the cruise control cable than Ford dealers."

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Mazda Tribute

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