We're not exactly sure why an orange, stretched Mercedes-Benz wagon has been rippling across the automotive Internet, but hey, it's bizarre and looks like nothing more than a stylish hearse, so why not?

Besides, professional cars – that's what you call custom coachwork limos, hearses and ambulances – are among the coolest things rolling on four wheels, even if they're used for hauling ski gear, equipment cases and dogs rather than caskets.

The X-Orange is the product of Binz Limousine, a particularly flashy version of the company's XTend, a model we first saw in December 2010. The car is just what it looks like: An E-Class estate that's been given a 31.7-inch stretch to a whopping 224.4 inches, making it two inches longer than a Chevrolet Suburban, according to eMercedeBenz.com. Might we suggest pulling the styling taffy on an E63 AMG next time?

Check out all the high-res images in our gallery.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Information

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

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