All the other motorists could do was watch in horror. A driver speeds down the wrong side of the highway, reaching at least 70 miles per hour. Unsuspecting traffic veers out of the way. One tragedy after the other is miraculously averted for several miles.

But two witnesses, trailing on the correct side of the highway and filming the scene unfolding along a Mississippi highway last week, know better.

"He's gonna hurt someone severely bad," a male voice says.

"We might be on TV," a female voice says."

The couple filming the catastrophe-in-waiting tells their children to close their eyes. Soon enough, Edward Fairley, of Mount Olive, Miss., found someone who could not get out of the way in time along Highway 49.

He accelerates into a Ford SUV in the left lane on the southbound side, and the two cars meet in a near head-on collision. The victim SUV, driven by Amy Cox, of Waveland, Miss., turns slightly at the last possible moment, an action that police later say may have saved the lives of everyone involved.

Cox and a young female passenger were miraculously unharmed in the accident, which occurred July 8. Fairley also walked away from the crash.

He tells the Mississippi Highway Patrol he remembers nothing about the crash. They charged him with reckless driving. According to WLBT-TV, additional charges could be forthcoming when toxicology results are known.

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