• Suzuki SX4 Spy Shots front 3/4

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  • Suzuki SX4 Spy Shots front

  • Suzuki SX4 Spy Shots driver's side

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  • Suzuki SX4 Spy Shots cabin

Suzuki looks to be putting a few development miles on the company's next-generation SX4. Our spy photographers nabbed a handful of photos of the five-door during testing on public streets, and the heavily camouflaged vehicle helps give us a glimpse of what to expect from the next model. Even with the disguise, the new car looks larger and more substantial, with a new greenhouse and relocated side mirrors. Designers seem to have fiddled with the hatchback's grille and headlamps, though we're more interested in what can be seen through the mesh in the lower fascia. Look closely, and you can just make out what appears to be a sizable intercooler hanging out in the bottom air inlet.

While it's entirely possible we're just eyeballing an additional styling element, the notion of a forced-induction SX4 is certainly something to get excited about. Odds are we're not looking at a high-performance version, however. With more and more automakers pushing to increase fuel economy by downsizing engine options and making up the difference with small turbos, we wouldn't be surprised to see a low-displacement lump show up in the next-gen Suzuki. The current SX4 puts up middling-at-best economy numbers in both front and all-wheel drive versions, so any help in this regard would figure to be a big help for the struggling automaker. Stay tuned.

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