Fiat may have given us all an early glimpse of its upcoming 500T in a new ad. The Italian automaker has just released a new one-minute commercial called "Immigrants" showing a flotilla of submarine 500 models working their way from Italy to New York via the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Once the quirky little hatches show up on U.S. shores, something interesting makes an appearance. A 500 wearing Abarth body lines and Sport trim wheels comes rocketing around a corner.

We've heard plenty of buzz about a new 500T model designed to slot below the Abarth in the 500 stable, but it's unclear exactly what that machine will look like when it bows. It's entirely possible the commercial's producers simply had to swap a set of wheels after an incident on set and that this isn't what it seems to be, but we're guessing it's an intentional split-second teaser. Either way, it's worth taking a closer look at the video below.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents revealed in early April that Fiat is planning to flesh out its 500 line, and that new model called the 500T Sport was part of that mix. Details have been scarce since then, but a model with Abarth-like power and a slightly lower profile would seem to make some sense, as there's a pretty decent $pread between a base $15,500 500 Pop and the $22,000 Abarth.

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FIAT 500

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