Every once in a while, we see a video that defies explanation, and this is definitely one of those times. Scroll down to watch security camera footage of a young man in England who might be the luckiest individual on earth.

Los Angeles' KTLA5 reports that a man and his girlfriend were having a loud argument while she was driving when the car they were in hit a wall and rolled violently. The whole thing was caught on a security camera. Judging by the grainy footage, as the car slowed its roll, the man shot through the sunroof. Instead of laying on the cement writhing in pain, though, he appears to simply stand up, dust off his clothes and check on his girlfriend. Both individuals were reportedly taken to the hospital with minor injuries and released.

We're thinking it was a good thing that the sunroof was either open or shattered, but it would have been an even better thing if the man were wearing his seatbelt. Scroll down to watch the video for yourself.

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