It isn't always kittens and cotton candy when a client splits with an advertising agency, especially at the end of a long relationship. If either side makes a statement at all, it's usually full of platitudes and the kind of celebrity divorce tone that leads you to wonder, "What happened there?"

There's none of that after Mini Canada separated from its agency of ten years, Taxi in Toronto – well, almost none of it. Instead, Taxi is taking its own 2008 Mini, the one it displayed in its boardroom, for one final publicity splurge by auctioning it on eBay and donating the proceeds to Toronto's Covenant House. It is an excellent way to go.

At the time of writing the bidding is up to $10,500 Canadian (about the same in U.S. dollars). Have a look below for a few samples of Taxi's work for Mini over the years, and head over to eBay to get in on the charity action.

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