The sun visor may no longer merely be a placeholder for your garage door opener or, if you're of a graying generation, a storage apparatus for your compact disc collection.

Now, drivers can manage their phone calls, emails and SMS without removing their concentration from driving, all from a device they attach to the sun visor. The Parrot MINIKIT Neo, helps drivers manage their in-car connectivity while allowing them to operate the device hands free.

The Neo uses voice-recognition software to activate, search through contact lists, and make phone calls. Incoming calls are handled the same way, and drivers have an "accept" or "reject" voice option.

The gadget can handle two smart phones at once, and turns on and off automatically as drivers enter or exit the vehicle. It has a few other features, most notably a GPS feature that helps absent-minded drivers remember exactly where they parked.

The Neo goes on sale in September, and is expected to retail at $100.

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