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Ah, Romania, that country of 19 million that many would be hard pressed to find on a map without a label. The nation that's given us world-class literature, Olympic athletes, the Roma, a flighty chap we call Dracula and a stretch of the Transfagarasan Highway, among the world's best drives, among other things. Romania is also known for beautiful women, and according to a Rompetrol commercial, if you fill up with its new Efix Gasoline 95 or diesel, it will be like having a team of those women – dressed as French maids, of course – cleaning out your engine.

The fuel itself is mixed with additives to help clean the engine, but it appears that instead of selling petrol or diesel with Efix, as Chevron here sells fuel with its Techron additive, the fuel itself is called Efix. Which is neither here nor there, really, when there are Romanian maids in French cosplay in the commercial below.

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