Sebastian Trager of Germany is mad for the Flintstones. So he took a Volkswagen Polo, ripped off everything but the motor, chassis and wheels, and then covered the rolling bits with a replica that he built of Fred Flintstone's car. Other than the Polo underpinnings, about the only thing he changed is using wooden benches in place of the granite slabs from the show car.

According to Metro UK, Trager then wanted to get it approved for road use, and that's where his stone-age tribute clashed with modern regulations, because German authorities would have none of it. While there are exemptions in Germany for vintage cars and small-output carmakers, there aren't exemptions for cartoon replicas that don't have windshield wipers, or windshields, or seat belts, or lights. So even though Trager vows that "it's perfectly safe," he has settled for trailering it to shows, where "everyone seems to love it."

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