Car nuts don't talk about wide receivers or short stops, they talk about cars and the people who build them.

That was the impetus for Autoline After Hours creating its automotive fantasy draft last year. It's now an annual event where auto insiders, journalists and others create their dream team of executives to run their fictional companies.

And tonight, at 6 PM EST, the whole shebang starts again.

Participants this year include John McElroy of Autoline, Jim Hall of 2953 Analytics, Michelle Krebs of, Drew Winter of Ward's Automotive and Todd Lassa of Motor Trend. Each will get a turn to pick an executive that can help create the most powerful auto company ever.

This year, however, Autoline has added a few twists, including a number of required categories. For example, each team must select a woman, and retired or deceased executives are also up for grabs. Between each round, Mark Phelan from The Detroit News and myself will analyze the selections and attempt to figure out some of the more obscure picks that often come with this game. Everyone tries to one up the competition with their vast knowledge of people inside the auto industry.

Ultimately, Phelan and myself will pick the winner of the program.

For additional analysis, Tiffany Stone will be joining us this year as the Draft Reporter moderating the program. You'll be happy you tuned in, so scroll down to watch the show live.

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