A man was ejected from his vehicle through an open sunroof during a stunning car crash Sunday in central England. Not only did the victim survive the accident, he walked away unharmed.

Footage of the incident shows a Peugot 406 come somersaulting over a curb and into the garden of a home in Dudley, England. During its last roll, the man comes flying out of the sunroof and onto the pavement.

"He was flying from the car like a rag doll," Howard Hamilton, the 75-year-old homeowner, tells the Express & Star newspaper. "A woman got out of the car and they were hugging each other. It was like they couldn't believe they were still alive."

Hamilton says he installed the camera to catch frequent speeders along the street, which he says has been the scene of six crashes in the past decade. But nothing like the one that occurred at 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

The ejected passenger, whose name has not been released, instantly stands up and pulls his shirt down, before beginning a seemingly calm walk back toward the driver's side of the car.

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