For most of us, a mismatched sock is not something to be celebrated, but then most of us are not pre-teen girls. While we were admittedly unaware that the Punky Brewster look is back in favor among stylish kids, fashion company LittleMissMatched got our attention with its latest promotion: Giving away a Fiat 500 to anyone crazy enough to buy 1,111 "pairs" of socks.

LittleMissMatched sells its footwear three to a pack – with none of the three having identical patterns – so the couple from Seattle who acquired the Fiat actually bought 3,333 socks. Their $15,000 purchase price was a reasonable deal for the "free" 500 Pop itself, even before you consider that the car was packed almost full of colorful socks.

See just how many socks will fit in a Fiat in our gallery.

FIAT 500 Information

FIAT 500

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