The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (ASPS) is asking the government to help them slow down drivers. Despite Scotland recording its lowest traffic fatalities since they began keeping track of the statistic, Transport Minister Keith Brown says, "... one death on our roads is one too many as far as I am concerned."

According to The Scotsman, officers have asked the Scottish Parliament to push manufacturers to make cruise control standard equipment.

"For people like salesmen, if all cars had cruise control, it would be easier to drive within limits," says Chief Superintendent David O'Connor. O'Connor isn't just talking about freeway speed limits, either – he envisions motorists using speed limiters in school zones and such, too.

O'Connor goes even further, and says he would ideally like to see all cars fitted with black boxes to record driver behavior. The device, he argues, would be most beneficial among drivers under 25.

The Scottish government is already experimenting with the black box idea on business cars of drivers under 25. To implement the idea nationally, though, would reportedly require changes to European Union laws, something the Scottish Parliament has no control over.

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