This could have been a catastrophic accident.

Had the tractor trailer barreling down the exit ramp been a few more inches to the right, it could have crushed the SUV in its path instead of side-swiping it. Had it come a few seconds later, it could have plowed into crossing traffic. And had it toppled a few more feet, a gas station could have been a fireball.

By sheer luck, none of those scenarios occurred Thursday afternoon.

No one was injured in the accident, which occurred off an Interstate 77 exit ramp in Akron, Ohio, when the semi careened out of control and toppled into a Marathon Oil gas station pump on Waterloo Road. Surveillance video (see above) captured the entire incident.

The worst injury? A passenger in the truck cut her foot on glass from the shattered windshield when exiting the vehicle, according to ABC15 News. The driver told police the load shifted in the truck, causing him to lose control.

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