The brand new ATS and XTS may be stealing most of the headlines for Cadillac these days, but we mustn't forget about the more popular CTS – a vehicle that will be entering its third generation when the 2014 model year hits. We've seen spy shots of the new CTS before, but now the heavy cladding has been removed, and despite the eye-jumbling zebra paper, we get a clear look at the CTS' new design.

Perhaps 'new' is too bold of a term. Cadillac certainly isn't walking away from its Art & Science design theme anytime soon (it's worked wonders, after all), and because of that, expect the new, larger CTS to be more of an evolution than a revolution. The prominent Cadillac grille is still large and in charge, though the headlamps appear to be smaller and swept back over the front fenders – sort of like what we see on the ATS. Dimensionally, the CTS is expected to grow in size, allowing for more of a gap between it and the entry-level ATS.

Rumors continue to circulate about what exactly will be found underhood, but the latest reports suggest a pair of new twin-turbocharged engines, likely measuring in at 3.0 and 3.6 liters, placed above the naturally aspirated 3.6-liter V6 currently found in the CTS. Of course, eight-cylinder power will be reserved for the high-performance V variant – a vehicle set to take on the likes of Germany's finest.

Inside, expect a new cabin design to be in the cards, all centered around Cadillac's brand new Cue infotainment system.

Judging by the fact that we're just now seeing the CTS without heavy cladding, don't expect to see the production car make its debut anytime soon. Our best guess is that the new Caddy will show up at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show at the earliest.

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