A driver in northwest Montreal may be in trouble with the police – if they can catch him.

Investigators are trying to track down a driver who filmed himself speeding along Highway 15 in the town of Mirabel at speeds of 190 kilometers per hour – about the equivalent of 118 miles per hour in the United States.

The brazen driver cackles and laughs while swerving through law-abiding traffic and passing along the shoulder several times. Police in the area say they have noticed an uptick in drivers filming their own illegal maneuvers and posting the videos online.

In this case, they're concerned with the lack of regard the driver has for vehicular laws and his fellow motorists. The video, police tell the CBC News, has helped them develop several leads.

If caught, the driver could face charges for dangerous driving, speeding and passing on the shoulder (which he does multiple times in the video above). He could also face more than $1,000 in fines and several demerit points on his license.

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