At the Geneva Motor Show just a few months ago, we noted the fact that Artega, the small German car company selling a single Henrik Fisker-designed coupe, was still a going concern. It even brought an Artega GT with a panoramic roof to the show. According to a short notice posted on its website, however the company remains a going concern, but it's now an insolvent one: Artega has filed for bankruptcy.

Sale of the company to an Asian investor fell through, which necessitated the move. Two years ago, the company was sold to a Mexican beer baroness, and the notice on the site about her purchase declares that it "bought with it sufficient funding to secure the increased serial production and the sale launch of the model," that it would enable an electric version to come out, and that Tresalia Capital – her investment company – wasn't in this for short-term success. What a difference two years makes.

The company remains open and is looking for new investors.

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