Here we go again, folks. Rush Limbaugh, one of the loudest opponents of electric cars in America, has once again spoken out against EVs on his radio show, this time in connection with power outages in Washington, D.C., after a hard-hitting storm swept through the nation's capitol. According to various reports, millions of homes and businesses across the States have yet to have their power restored.

You can probably guess where this is going, but we'll go ahead and quote Mr. Limbaugh:

"If you're in the DC area, are you happy you don't have an electric car? Yeah, with the power outages, are you happy you don't have an electric car? ... It's a good thing you don't have an electric car or you couldn't get around, you couldn't escape. Isn't it amazing."

We're not going to mention that gas stations require electricity in order to pump gas... oh, wait, we just did. Rush goes on to attack windmills and solar panels:

"All those windmills are really working out, huh? Solar panels, yeah, man, that's the future. There you are, sitting there, sweating, stinking like a stuck pig for three days, and it's gonna be this way for another week. ... How many windmills would still be standing if they were there in that land hurricane?"

We're not going to mention that the D.C.-area storm didn't single out windmills or solar panels, leaving all other power-generating plants and equipment intact. Um, oops.

We'll leave you with Rush's parting words:

"And, of course, global warming is back. Forget the fact that it hadn't been hot like this in ten years. Global warming is back."

Hey, you said it.

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