We can't remember a time when, out of all the brands that sell cars in the U.S., only two reported negative sales for the month. Only Jaguar and Mitsubishi reported selling fewer vehicles last month than the year before. Of course, many brands just barely squeaked out a positive number, and six switch from green to red cells in our table below when comparing their daily average sales rates (there were 27 selling days in June 2012 versus 26 in June 2011) instead of raw volume.
The big story this month that will likely continue through the summer is the rebound performances of both Toyota and Honda. Toyota Motor Company was up a full 60.27 percent, followed by American Honda with a 48.77-percent increase. The next closest automaker was Nissan North America with a gain of 28.21 percent, followed closely by Chrysler Group at 20.28 percent, General Motors at 15.51 percent and Ford at 7.03 percent.

Japanese automakers, particularly Toyota and Honda, have largely restored their production capacity from last summer's crippling Japanese earthquakes and tsunamis. That will be reflected going forward in larger than normal monthly sales gains compared to the rest of the industry.

Check out how the entire auto industry did in the monthly sales chart below, and visit our By the Numbers section to see all past months.

*Brands and companies are displayed in descending order according to their percentage change in volume sales. There were 27 selling days in June 2012 versus 26 selling days in June 2011, so the change in monthly sales volume will be different than the change in average daily sales rate (DSR) for each brand/company. Also, brands are combined and reported as companies only if their sales figures are released jointly.

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