Car sharing network Getaround has just launched a refreshed site design that will make peer-to-peer car rentals even easier. Think of Getaround as the Airbnb of cars, a place where you can list or rent an insured ride at an hourly or daily rate. The redesign was inspired by something most drivers will find fun and familiar: the dashboard of a classic car, complete with leather and wood tones. Designers hope the new look will help introduce potential car sharers to Getaround in a warm and welcoming way.

The types of cars available vary by the owners listing their rides, especially near Getaround HQ in Silicon Valley, where you can expect to find anything from a Toyota Prius to a Tesla Roadster. And, if the car owner installs Getaround's proprietary Carkit, drivers can make reservations and unlock their rental using just their smartphones. For added security, the Carkit can even track your ride and wirelessly disable the starter if needed.

Getaround's data suggests that the average car is idle as much as 92% of the time. They see an opportunity to connect that idle time with drivers who need a car for anything from running errands to a summer road trip. On the other side of the equation, Getaround allows car owners can recoup some of the huge investment that goes into owning a car.

The redesign is just the start of something even bigger for Getaround, according to a company spokesperson. Within the next 6 months, the Silicon Valley startup will be rolling out some new features--lips are still sealed for what that could mean--but, we'll be sure to keep a close eye on things to come.

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