It was a broiling hot day in New Mexico. A dog was in a parked car. One window was cracked just an inch or two.

After watching the dog yelp and paw at the window before curling up on the floor, Susanne Jones knew she had to do something. "I just felt like if I stayed there and watched, I was going to watch the dog die," she later told KOB-TV.

She smashed in a window, and in all likelihood, saved the dog's life.

For that, she got a big thank you from the dog's owner, Cissy King, who did not realize the extent of the danger she had left the pooch in while she escorted her 98-year-old mother to a doctor's appointment.

"The officer asked if I wanted to file a counter complaint," King told KOB, "and I said, 'About what?' He said, 'About the lady who broke your window.' I said, 'Absolutely not, no, I'm sure she did what she felt like she needed to do at the time.'"

A judge dismissed animal welfare charges against King, provided that she takes a pet safety class.

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