Mazda brought the company's ever-sexy MX-5 Miata GT Concept to this past weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed for a little sprint up the hill. With 205 horsepower on tap thanks to new cams and a revised throttle body, the concept is exactly what Miata buyers have been clamoring for all these years: more power. Mazda handed the keys over to Jade Pavely, an endurance driver with the company for the run, and the driver had no trouble keeping the convertible right side up and between the hay bales on her way toward the finish line.

We could certainly think of less entertaining ways to get around the course. Mazda didn't mention how long it takes the machine to get from start to finish, but we doubt the company was out to set any records. Chances are this little exercise had more to do with putting eyeballs on that blaze-orange paint and testing the waters for a possible production version. Check out the brief video below to have a look.

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