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Help us identify this mystery crossover spotted in Michigan

This is the part of the post where we usually make confident statements about the brand-new vehicle that our intrepid spy photographers have just caught. But this time, we'll be honest: We have no idea what the heck this thing is.

Some discussion 'round the proverbial Autoblog water cooler suggests that this could be, well, just about anything. The roofline and sloping D pillar looks awfully similar to the Infiniti EX, though looking at the profiles side by side, it just doesn't seem quite right, and the ride height and wheel choice suggests a less premium and less performance-oriented vehicle. We can also see some Subaru influence here – maybe a smaller Tribeca replacement?

The only real details we can make out are the sleek, jeweled headlamps that appear to have an LED running light strip. Around back, the taillamps mimic the same sort of design. The one major design cue that's throwing us off is that front fascia – it looks decidedly European, which leads us to believe that this could just be a not-for-our-market prototype.

Our spies point out that this type of camouflage is normally seen on Hyundai or Kia vehicles, but even that seems like it could be a stretch – we normally see more puffy pads on the hoods and such. Even so, considering the fact that this... thing was caught pulling into an automotive supplier's facility in southeast Michigan, it could be pretty much anything – it might not even be from a manufacturer that sells cars in North America.

Scroll through the attached image gallery to see the mystery crossover for yourself, and then head to Comments to give us your best guess.

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