The conservative movement in the U.S. has taken a decidedly negative approach to the Affordable Care Act (or ObamaCare, as some call it). What we didn't know was that the law is like having to buy a Chevrolet Volt.

That's what Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said while he was talking about how he would not set up a health insurance exchange in his state. Specifically, ABC News reports, he said, "[The Supreme Court decision upholding the ACA] really raises the question of what's next, what's allowable. Taxes on people who refuse to eat tofu or refuse to drive a Chevy Volt ... this whole ruling I think is ridiculous. It's a huge expansion of federal power."

We're not a health care blog, so we're not going to get too much into what the ACA is or isn't, but here's an interesting take on Jindal's statement. Len Burman, writing at Forbes, says "Well, bad news, governor. People who don't own a Volt already pay higher taxes. Purchasers of hybrid and electric vehicles in 2012 got a $7,500 tax credit. Put differently, I paid $7,500 more in taxes because I didn't buy a Volt or some other qualifying car."

Burman also points out that Jindal thought "taxing" people who don't buy a Volt was just fine back in 2009 when Jindal signed a state alternative fuel vehicle tax credit law (PDF).

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