It's easy to forget just how dangerous fueling your vehicle can be. Drivers visit gas stations hundreds of times a year, and topping off the tank is as second nature as tying your shoelaces.

However, that doesn't mean gasoline has suddenly turned less flammable. Just ask one absent-minded guy in Australia. While waiting for the pump to shut off, the gentleman checked to see if his cigarette lighter was in working order. Sure enough, a small flame popped up with the first flick of the flint, and the fumes from the gushing gas pump quickly followed suit.

Our wicked fire-starter took the time to hop his open car door instead of simply closing it, and sprinted right past a clearly visible fire extinguisher in an attempt to save his own skin. Fortunately, the station operator had the presence of mind to shut down the pump, and a bystander took it upon himself to douse the flames with water. Authorities say everyone involved was only seconds from going extra crispy. Check out the video below.

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