Run a New York City red light holding a Super Big Gulp in one hand, and you could find yourself really hosed.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently and notably suggested banning the sale of super-sized soft drinks in the city, proposed posting pictures and names of drivers who run red lights and commit other traffic violations in the largest U.S. city, New York-based online publication Capital reported.

Bloomberg, speaking on a radio show, proposed that the city could "shame" traffic offenders in order to dissuade people from breaking laws, according to the publication.

The New York City government had proposed posting as many as 40 speed-monitoring cameras that could be used to levy fines on violators, Capital said. That bill was overturned by legislators in Albany, the state's capital. State approval is required for New York City to instill new methods of dishing out traffic fines.

New York City does have cameras at many intersections in order to catch people who run red lights or use bus lanes.

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